Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Betting on Success

Viva Las Vegas, baby!

This week's Adventure comes to you from the wild and impeccably-dressed world of Viva Las Vegas, an annual rockabilly convention in the City of Sin itself. In addition to my regular slew of part-time gigs (I believe the term is "lateral freelancing"), I happen to be quite good at hairstyling. My particular passion is retro hairstyling, and that is what brought me to the 16th Annual Viva Las Vegas Convention and Car Show this past weekend, as a beauty team member for Flash In The Past Photography, with hopes of picking up some gigs for myself while there.

Ever since quitting my full-time job back in January, I've been striving to get my freelance income up to a level where it can replace - and hopefully exceed - the money I made working 9 to 5. So far, it's not there yet -- but you can't win if you don't play, amiright??

In that spirit, I took a risk and bought myself the convention ticket and my share of the hotel room and gas costs. Still, as the end of March approached, I started getting nervous. Our bank accounts were looking mighty small, and with a pile of waiting client work on my desk, I started thinking I should cut my losses and stay home.

Remember yesterday's post about failure being a good thing, because it means you're taking the risks you need to grow? Too bad I hadn't written that before heading off last Wednesday morning - I might have felt more optimistic during the 8-hour drive to Vegas (we took a wrong turn and ended up in Flagstaff along the way).

Let's just say I shouldn't have worried. No, I didn't make tons of money (I actually spent what I did make on hats . . .), but I learned a lot about how the convention works, how much people charge for things, how much people will pay for things, what the schedule looks like, and just how exhausted I can end up feeling after five days of very little drinking and lots of hard work (maybe it's something in the air up there??). I started and strengthened my relationships with some incredibly talented people, and ultimately, I had a great time.

Oh yes, and I even had a couple clients:


I believe that's what you call the sweet smell of success, folks - so I consider myself a winner.

Check out more of my photos from VLV, or let us know what risks you take for your art, below! 

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  1. Lovely hairdids Kate! Looks like it was an excellent adventure!