Monday, April 8, 2013

Challenge Number 1: Why So Serious??

I've had a personal challenge for myself these last couple of months, and now I want to issue it to you:

Do something just for the fun of it - every day.

You see, as a (mostly) full-time freelancer, I tend to have a hard time not feeling guilty when I choose to do something not work-related in some way. There are always more projects for which I could be logging hours, a new client to follow up with, a business website or social media page to update. I could literally never stop working, and do it all in the name of gainful employment.

(Of course, I could also give up breathing in the name of conserving oxygen, but I suspect it wouldn't do much more for me than being all work and no play 24/7/365.)

Instead, I made this rule for myself, and wrote it down on my bathroom mirror. So far, it's working -- I can go out for coffee with a friend without feeling like I'm slacking off, and I can even find a sense of accomplishment in having met my goal for that day. This week, I want you to experience that same freedom.

From now until midnight next Sunday, how about we all have a bit more fun in our lives? There's only one rule: whatever you choose to do can't serve any additional purpose.  Write down the challenge, and display it someplace obvious -- trust me, it helps. In fact, why not share a pic of your challenge on display on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #myartabyss? Then follow the rule - stick to it for a week, then report back this next Sunday.

Let's see if this makes things a bit less serious around here . . .

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