Friday, April 19, 2013

Play Is Spreading + I Suck At Running

For some reason lately I have decided I want to become a runner.  This probably has something to do with the fact that my husband just ran a half marathon a few weeks ago (13 miles in 2hr 2mins!) and I felt like a lazy piece of !#(*! sitting in the bleachers watching all the other people (of ALLLL sorts of shapes and sizes) in the race actually getting off their lazy bums and kicking butt at life.   Although, as a knee jerk reaction to feeling lame in a sea of awesomeness I spent the whole day lying to people when they asked me if I was a runner too, saying how I had already finished the race, gone home, showered, changed and come back to meet up with some friends.  That part was quite fun...

The truth is, I am terrible.  I get about a mile (running pretty much as slow as death warmed over) before I start gasping for breath, or doubling over with a side stitch, or getting nauseous, or having a cramp in my leg, or a cut on my foot, or my eyes tearing so bad I can't even see… it's not a pretty sight people.

And then just because I apparently like public humiliation, I signed myself up to run a 5k at the end of next month.  Which leads me up to my main point which is, while I was "running" (or more accurately "spastically flailing around in a linear motion") in downtown Huntsville yesterday I saw something cool. True story.

Said Cool Thing:

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I'm pretty sure nobody else on the planet really cares about things like the importance of playtime besides me.  I talk to people about it, they nod politely and say something like… "hmmm, that's really interesting". (I've still never deciphered what exactly that means, is it good, bad? Anyone?)  So when I randomly stumbled upon this art installation downtown I was a tad bit excited! (that and the fact that it gave me an excuse to stop running for a moment and take a few pics while I sucked in air)

Don't projects like this just make the world a better place?  For more info on the project check out their website:  Any ideas how can you spread a little play into your community?  We'd love to hear them!!!!

Playtime… it's spreading people!

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