Wednesday, May 8, 2013

25 DIY Business Card Ideas Just For You

It's Wednesday, so by now you've probably had enough time to get completely overwhelmed by work stuff and entirely forget about the challenge for this week.  (Or at least had enough time to come up with a creative excuse as to why you don't need to participate)  Or maybe that's just me…

I have been putting off making business cards for The Art Abyss for weeks now.  I know I need to, I keep kicking myself every time I talk to someone and don't have one to give them, but I still haven't done it yet.  Then the challenge went up this Monday and I thought "Oh right, I should totally do that." and then I thought "I'll go eat a sandwich."  So here I sit, sandwich in hand, but with no business cards.

Sound familiar?

I decided what I needed to kick start my butt into gear was some good old fashion inspiration.  (ahem… inspiration for the cash challenged but crafty entrepreneur that is…)

On that note, here is my round up of some of the best DIY business cards I saw during my search.  Most of these only take a bit of paper, maybe a printer, and some imagination.  Stay creative my friends.

(For more info on how all these awesome cards are actually created, check out the links to the blogs underneath each image)
Colored Paper + Mailing Label Stickers + A Stamp + Kick Ass Paperclip

(RANDOM SIDE NOTE: You can pick up a custom stamp kit at most office/craft supply stores)
Small Brown Paper Envelopes + Stamp + Ink Pad + Twine + Confetti
Old Black & White Photos + A Stamp
Plain Jane Business Cards + Colored Spray Paint
Paper + Printer + Sewing Machine
Old Beer Coaster + Ink Pen + Hand Drawn Doodles
Old Paper Grocery Bags + Printer
Stamp + Black Ink
Old Poster + Stamp
Shipping Tags + Stamp
Brown Paper + Stamp + Scraps of Lace + Mini Clothes Pins

Scraps Of Paper + Rubber Stamp
Old Film + White Paint Pen
Card Stock + Brush + Ink
Hand Painted Paper + Printer
Scraps Of Paper + Glue + Printer
Printed Business Card + Dictionary Page + Glue
Cardboard + Thread + Clear Printed Stickers
Plain Jane Card + Tape + Paint
Plain Jane Card + Bottle Of Wine + Wine Glass
Paper + Patterned Tape + String
Pen + Ink + Paper + (A lot of time on your hands)
Plane Jane Card + Iron-on Adhesive + Fabric
Shiny Paper + Hole Punch + Printed Paper + Clear Plastic Bags + Fun Tape
Old Record Album Covers + A Stamp + A Sharpie Marker


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  2. wow thanks now i have to go and get the dang things made. :)

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