Monday, May 20, 2013

Challenge #7: Map Your Creative DNA

"If I were an enzyme, I would be DNA helicase so I could unzip Your genes."

Geeky pick up lines may make me giggle, but understanding how my DNA shapes who I am is something I take very seriously. Last night, this led me to explore something quite different for this blog -- Creative DNA.

We all have that thing that drives us to create -- a passion for a particular subject, a fascination with the way a material works, a desire to share an idea with others, or the need to celebrate/exorcise a personal experience. For me, it's a combination of all four mixed together, and it manifests in a huge array of eclectic influences, inspirations, passions, ideas, and experiences that all feed into and out of each other -- and it's awesome. So awesome, in fact, I made a map of it, just to keep track of all the awesomely awesome ways it makes my creative self light up:

(Click the image if you want to see it at full size)

I'll be honest, once I got started it was hard to stop. The best part is, each time I discovered a new path, I started adding bubbles that then tied into other paths, showing connections in my work I've never thought about before. Which then -- get ready for it -- inspires me to explore some brand new ways of creating art.

So that's this week's challenge: make a bubble graph mapping your creative DNA. Get really crazy with it, and send it into, and we'll feature it on the blog. Even grab this week's challenge badge!

What inspiration will you discover? Tell us all about it below!

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