Friday, May 31, 2013

#SomethingAwesome . . . IT'S HERE!!

How many of you just freaked out because you forgot to enter to win our #something awesome? Don't worry, you still have 24 hours to post #somethingawesome on our Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter to be entered for your chance to win. (Don't worry if you skip reading the rest of this post, we love free stuff too.)

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That said, I just can't keep a lid on our big surprise any longer -- we're starting a book club!!

No, no, hang on -- it's going to be an awesome book club. Remember Keri Smith? Starting this July, we're going to be vlogging our way through her Wreck This Journal, in a little series we're calling Wreck This Journey. And we want you to be part of it! Kadie and I will take turns posting our own video responses, but what we really want to hear is what you all think of the experience -- and we'll be featuring our favorite Art Abyss community response videos every week here on the blog :).

But first, here's just a taste of what you're getting into:

Yeah, so much love for Keri Smith. In fact, we adore Wreck This Journal so much, that we're giving away a copy of the book to one lucky reader! Wondering how to win it? Go read the start of this post again, and then get to telling us what rocks your world!

We'll be waiting . . . and stay tuned to hear if you won a copy of Wreck This Journal!! We'll announce at midnight tonight :).

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