Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take 5 With Anna + Micah Garman

Anna & Micah Garman

Creative Specialties:
Photographer (Anna)
Musician (Micah)

Current Location: 
Chicago, IL

Mini Bio:
Anna & Micah Garman currently live in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.  Anna has both a concert and lifestyle portrait photography business. She loves a good craft day with her girlfriends, festivals and craft fairs, bike rides, and doing anything outdoors. She is not afraid to be silly, she loves to dance, and is great at making funny faces.  Micah has played and toured nationally with several bands but currently enjoys playing worship for different churches in the Chicago area.  He loves having morning coffee with his gorgeous wife and reading epic fantasy novels.

Website: (Micah's most recent/past project)

1) What is the greatest challenge you have faced as a creative person?

Anna - I have just recently joined the professional photography community and honestly, sometimes looking at the professional photography world as a whole can be very overwhelming.  There is a lot of gear and software to learn and so many different types of photography specialties.  So for me the greatest challenge so far has been learning what type of photography I am most passionate and gifted at.

Micah - I think the greatest challenge I've experienced as a musician is finding the right people to create music with.  Lots of people who play music will always talk about finding someone "to jam with" but it really takes great chemistry with other musicians in order to create an environment where a project can really thrive.  That said, I think building up a great musical network takes time and is a pretty big challenge in and of itself.  Most professional musicians attribute their success (besides practice and talent) with someone who hooked them up with someone else.  I've played with some incredibly talented musicians and it was mostly because someone referred me to some dude looking for a guitarist for an event.

2) If money was no object, what would you make?

Anna - If money wasn't an issue, I would love to travel the world so I could take pictures of kids in different cultures at play.  The goal being to capture what brings children joy in different parts of the world.  At the end of the trip I would work to get a book of those images published.

Micah - Oh dang, besides supporting my incredibly beautiful wife by traveling the world, I would totally make guitars, guitar amps, pedals, and pedal boards!  One of my favorite things to do recently has been making my own gear to use when I play live.  The last thing I made for myself was a bypass looper pedal; which basically makes it easier for me to choose which effect I need at the push of one button; instead of tap-dancing on all my pedals.  

3) Do you have a ritual way of preparing to create?

Anna- I head out with my camera, I try to always carry it with me.  If I am preparing for a shoot I love to sit and talk with my clients and feel out who they are and what they love.  Once I have a good idea of who they are, I research and look for ways I can incorporate and bring that out in our photo session.

Micah - I basically just open up Reason, my favorite music program, and start laying out tracks.  I know this sounds crazy, but I don't necessarily need to be in the mood to create music.   I typically lay down a simple melody and build off of it.  I honestly love the spontaneous melody lines and song ideas that simply happen because I thought a certain sound or synth sounded rad.  I'm also a huge proponent of creating music that makes me feel different emotions.  Think of the way you felt when you heard your favorite song for the first time.  That is what I try to capture every time I write something.

4) How do you deal with the inevitable uncertainty that accompanies a creative life?

Anna- I keep looking forward, trying to learn as much as I can and exploring different avenues that could allow my creativity to really blossom.  When it comes to finances and staying afloat I honestly try to hand it all over to God.  He gives me peace about it.  He has always pulled through and helped us make ends meet.

Micah - I'm going to be lame and "ditto" Anna's comment.  We have been incredibly fortunate to pursue what we both love to do.  We both love to encourage each other and cheer on our various creative pursuits.  I think having someone there to help push through any doubts makes creating a reality instead of a hobby.

5) What moment/place/time/setting lets you function to your fullest creative potential?

Anna - Sunday afternoons :)

Micah - Watching other musicians do what they love!  A good beer with friends also helps…seriously.

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