Monday, April 15, 2013

Challenge Number 2: Getting It On

You heard me… this week we are challenging you to hook up and get it on with a friend.  Well, your ideas that is.

Living human brain by Rutger Hauer
My life recently has been a bit all over the place.  I’ve been uprooted, dragged all across the country and now find myself living in Huntsville Alabama… and let’s just say the creative arts capitol of the USA, it is not.  When we first got here I felt totally out of my element.  I even told my husband that I thought I was suffering from hipster withdrawal syndrome.  I swear that is a thing…  I felt miserable for weeks and I kept growing more and more depressed.  I also started doubting myself and my ideas.  Every time I would sit down to work I felt like I was hitting a brick wall and then I would tell myself how silly my idea had been and how it would never work out.  

Turns out my husband is the most brilliant man ever and in a very manly fix-it moment told me that what I needed was a good long Skype date with my friend Kate.

We talked my art, her art, my life, her life, dreams, passions, goals and at the end of the conversation I felt amazing, empowered and energized to get to work on my ideas.  It was a conjugal date of ideas if you will, and it was what had been missing in my life. Here’s why:

1) Dreams need to be said to be seen.
2) Ideas need to play in order to grow.
3) Passions need to be shared in order to spread.

In the words of Matt Ridley our ideas need to have sex.  Our creativity flourishes best when shared with others, we need that exchange of ideas to grow our knowledge base and form new and varied connections we may not have seen on our own.  And to be honest, often times we just need the affirmation and excitement from another intelligent human being who isn’t our spouse to tell us that our ideas aren’t stupid or crazy.

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So your challenge this week, if you choose to accept it (sorry I had to say it just once), is to get your idea swapping on with a friend, over coffee, over Skype, over the phone, over drinks, I don’t care where or in what position.

Go now, spread your seed, and be fertile my friends!

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