Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take Five With Morgan Lee Kestner

Photo By: Hilary Mercer
Morgan Lee Kestner

Creative Specialties: 
Costume Design

Current Location: 
Los Angeles, CA

Mini Bio: 
Morgan is straight from Nashville Tennessee. Growing up she had her mom and grandmother teach her how to sew. From there Morgan knew that she wanted to be a designer. After college and 2 years in Atlanta, Morgan has resided in Los Angeles where she works on print and commercials.  She is working on her new lines and hopes to have it on display in 2014.


1) What is the greatest challenge you have faced as a creative person?

Making a living at what I love to do. Obviously, this is an ongoing challenge but the fact that I have made this choice to do what I love over any other "safe" job has been my biggest challenge. Since embarking on this challenge, after 3 years I am finally hitting my stride. 

2) How do you cope with creative anxiety and societal expectations?

I workout and dance. I find that if I have some social interaction and do intense workouts it helps my mind release stress and thus be able to think clearer. 

3) Do you have a ritual way of preparing to create?

I love to walk the fabric district in downtown LA. Trips to Mood Fabrics (a must), glimpsing through magazines, and sketching. Coffee is always apart of this ritual. 

4) How do you deal with the inevitable uncertainty that accompanies a creative life?

Save your money! I work freelance and it is inevitable that there will be slow months and busy months. You have to really figure out a budget for yourself. I limited all my outings for 3 months so I could save an emergency income supply for those dry months. 

5) What moment/place/time/setting lets you function to your fullest creative potential?

For me, its coffee, This American Life, music, clean space, and evenings. I am most productive around 3pm-10pm. 

If you want to check out some of Morgans work, check out her VIMEO page.